“Ecocriticism explores the ways in which we imagine and portray the relationship between humans and the environment in all areas of cultural production, from Wordsworth and Thoreau through to Google Earth, J.M. Coetzee and Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man.”

-Greg Garrard

Reading list:

Applewhite, James.  “Postmodernist Allegory and the Denial of Nature.” Kenyon Review new series 11, no. 1 (Winter 1989): 1-17.

—-.  Seas and Inland Journeys:  Landscape and Consciousness from Wordsworth to Roethke.  Athens, GA:  U of Georgia Press, 1985.

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Slovic, Scott.  Seeking Awareness in American Nature Writing:  Henry Thoreau, Annie Dillard, Edward Abbey, Wendell Berry, Barry Lopez.  Salt Lake City:  U of Utah P, 1992.

This list was compiled by Karla Armbruster



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Questions of Nature within the disciplinary frame of Literary Studies

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